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Staffing Shortages in Healthcare: How Specialist Healthcare Recruitment Agencies Can Help

Staffing Shortages in Healthcare: How Specialist Healthcare Recruitment Agencies Can Help

At a time where healthcare staff shortages are at an all-time high, recruiting new healthcare staff has become a high priority in both the public and private healthcare sectors.

However, it can become very easy to hire staff just for the sake of filling numbers. This trail of thought can become dangerous as you could end up diluting the overall skillset of your workforce.

Instead, you should be selective when choosing the right staff for the job. The question is, what is the best way to go about recruiting highly skilled candidates?

Challenges of recruiting staff members

Effective workforce planning is important if you are aiming to build a highly competent team. However, recruiting the right staff for the job isn’t always easy. Challenges you might face include:

1) Responding to a changing environment

The needs of the patient are always changing. Recently, there has been a major societal shift towards more health-conscious lifestyles, and patients may be looking for care that covers diet, wellness and exercise.

Technology is also advancing at an increasing rate. Healthcare providers, therefore, need to make sure that they are hiring skilled staff who are comfortable using technology or are willing to be trained.

2) Developing a diverse workforce

Recruiting a diverse workforce will benefit your business immeasurably, both in respect of improving business performance and attracting high-quality candidates. Job seekers will often review the level of diversity in a company before accepting a position.

Your team should be well balanced in terms of age, ethnic origin, gender, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation and related work experience.

Why using a healthcare recruitment agency is a good option

If finding the right candidate seems difficult, there is another alternative that you should consider. Healthcare recruitment companies can help you to source the right candidates in a much shorter timeframe.

If you are unsure about how an agency can help you, here are three good reasons why you need to be using one:

1) You can save plenty of time

Rather than source candidates yourself and spend time on the first stages of the recruitment process, you can use an agency to do that for you.

A healthcare recruitment agency will take the time to sift through applications and take charge of the initial screening process. They can also schedule interviews, providing you with background information about prospects and even deal with administration issues such as communication with both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

The benefit of this is that you only spend your time viewing the candidates that are a direct fit for the job and your company culture.

2) Ability to identify talented candidates

A huge advantage of using an agency is gaining access to their knowledge, expertise and their vast pool of industry connections. This is further supported by the fact that 91% of UK organisations struggle to find good fit workers in the last year, according to Diverse Employment.

Professional recruiters have access to a range of tools and tend to use multiple methods to find high-quality candidates. This could be a combination of LinkedIn, job boards and career sites, sourcing through social media, email, search engines and may even track prospects through an applicant tracking system.

3) You can save on business costs

It can be expensive to create adverts on job boards, and this could potentially impact your recruitment capabilities. It can be especially true if you’ve got a limited budget and can only afford to use one job site.

Healthcare recruitment agencies, on the other hand, can post ads on multiple leading job boards. They will also have access to premium accounts, allowing them to use features that can speed up the recruitment process.

If you have established a good reputation with an agency, you will make additional cost savings in the long-term, since they will have a better understanding of the types of candidates you are looking for.

Healthcare recruitment doesn’t have to be complicated

Finding the right candidate for your needs can sometimes be difficult. We understand that it can take a lot of time, energy and company resources to source and screen promising staff.

That is why at Raisly Health, we take the time to understand your business and provide a tailored approach, with all the steps in the recruitment personalised to your company.

If you are looking for your next star candidate, let us help support you in your search every step of the way.

Private Sector Healthcare Jobs vs the NHS: Which Should You Choose?

Private Sector Healthcare Jobs vs the NHS: Which Should You Choose?

Choosing to work in healthcare is a huge commitment to improving the lives of others. Throughout the sector, highly trained and motivated professionals deliver the highest standards to those needing medical treatment or care.

The National Health Service employs around 1.5 million people across the UK. However, healthcare workers are increasingly offered choices beyond the NHS about where they work.

The NHS and private healthcare

The NHS now works alongside private healthcare facilities to provide an extensive range of services. The private sector tends not to focus on acute care, more likely providing specialist services to those in need.

The NHS is not necessarily in competition with private healthcare providers, but for healthcare staff, there is certainly a choice to be made.

Back in May, Nursing Times reported that training and incentives were the main benefits used to attract workers to private sector jobs, forcing the NHS to improve their efforts in these areas.

Why choose to work for private healthcare providers?

  • Direct access to employers – working in the private sector often means working for a smaller organisation than the NHS. Instead of dealing with a multi-layered management structure, employees can deal directly with one manager. Settling grievances and benefiting from direct supervision is likely to feel much more personal.
  • Regulation and inspections – even though private sector healthcare providers aren’t public bodies like the NHS, they are subject to the same checks and standards. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will regularly inspect all providers of health and social care, regardless of whether they are private or public. The results of these inspections and subsequent reports are all available to view online.
  • Flexibility – as opposed to NHS contracts, there may be better opportunities for flexible working with private sector healthcare providers.
  • Personalised care – the perception of a smaller organisation, not tied to the often crowded services of the NHS, meaning that staff in private sector healthcare can devote more time and resources into direct care. They can also provide a more timely intervention, as waiting times are almost non-existent.

What are the advantages of working in the NHS?

  • Security – the NHS is a publically provided, publically funded organisation. Since its inception, the government meets funding to provide emergency care and all other services and treatments. In a private organisation, staff are only required as long as the service provider keeps the contract to supply those services.
  • Salary – NHS staff exist on a graded scale. Each grade on the scale has a range of pay. All staff working on that grade will be earning a salary in the appropriate pay range. Staff in the private sector will need to negotiate salaries. These may be higher than the NHS in some instances, but that won’t be guaranteed.
  • Other benefits – another advantage of following a career path within the NHS is the annual leave entitlement. In nursing, for example, a new full-time employee will be entitled to 27 (plus 8 public holidays). This rises to 33 after 10 years service. Other benefits include pensions, uniforms, occupational health services and technical support. Some private roles will also offer other benefits, but there are no obligations for them to do so.
  • Professional development – the NHS actively encourages staff to further their careers. Staff will have the opportunity to gain professional qualifications. The NHS also offers secondment positions to offer staff fresh challenges and share knowledge and experience. With many NHS locations housing a variety of services, NHS staff have the chance to see first hand how their colleagues in other strands of healthcare are working.
  • Care for everyone – the NHS has always been provided free of charge at the point of service. This means that everybody is entitled to the care they need. The private sector healthcare providers largely work for patients who have either the funds or sufficient private insurance to cover the care costs. Some staff may feel more comfortable working directly within publically funded services. This isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Often, private companies are providing their services on behalf of the NHS.


Ultimately, whether to work for the NHS or a private organisation is a personal choice. Private sector healthcare providers are there to care for patients just as much as the NHS, but they tend to have more funding and resources.

Often, the choice will boil down to which type of role fits your lifestyle, domestic arrangements and personal ambitions.

Here at Raisly Health, we offer a complete employment package for all our candidates. We support staff through applications, CV writing and interview preparation. We even provide further assistance after you have taken on your new role.

Interested in a new job in the healthcare sector? View our candidate services for yourself and get in touch today.

Exhibition Time – Birmingham NEC

Louis and Ben who manage the Occupational health here at Raisly run a stand at the Birmingham NEC Health and Wellbeing at work event with some prizes that included a Virgin Experience Day which went down a treat.

The boys had a great few days interacting with all of their clients and meeting some new candidates.

Raisly’s Fury Friends

Did you know Dog’s in the workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction, improve morale, and promote an atmosphere of teamwork and communication!!

Our little fury friends Kiwi & Simba are part time employees here at Raisly and always boost morale with their presents, although they mainly snooze all day!

Merry Christmas From The Raisly Team

Finished off the year on a high with our fantastic team, everyone has worked extremely hard thought out the year and we are really pleased of how far we have come so far.

 Celebrated with Dinner and Drinks at Montys Southsea. Brilliant night enjoyed by all (minus the next days wine headache)



New Starter

We would like to Welcome Ben to Raisly Health.

Ben has a sales background and will be working as a Resourcer alongside one of our senior consultants on the Occupational Health team.

Barchester Golf Masters 2018

Adam and Louis attended The annual Barchester Masters Golf event in aid of the Barchester Foundation.

The event took place this year on 5th and 6th September 2018 with over 94 players taking part over the 2 days at Castle Stuart.

An estimated £14,000 was raised for the Foundation.

Welcome to Raisly Hannah

We would like to welcome Hannah Green to Raisly health, Hannah will be resourcing for one of our senior consultants on a cosmetics team working with a number of high end clients across the UK.